Macka Diamond shows off new look

September 11, 2023
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

A slick promotional campaign is being rolled out for veteran dancehall deejay Macka Diamond, with the aim of rebranding and positioning her firmly in a variety of musical spaces.

Describing the new-look Macka Diamond as a "spectacular rebirth" and tipping her as the 'Dancehall Madonna', the new PR team is offering a creativity which the 'girl from the diamond district' is loving.

A new photo shoot sees the diva with bold, new looks, some of which even require a double take with the question "Is that really Macka?"

"Yes it's me," the Think Bout Mi artiste told THE STAR.

Explaining the need for a rebrand, she added, "The time change ... it's the whole social media time now ... you have to look professional, like you are really working. You have to capture the eyes of the people and you have to get photogenic with what you are posting."

A satisfied Macka Diamond, who scrubbed her Instagram a few months ago in preparation for her new journey, emphasised, however, that her decades-long legacy in the dancehall remains intact.

"When anybody asks me how long I have been in the business, I say all my life. I'm satisfied. I have had my ups and downs, but each time I feel like 'This is it', it keeps getting better, or it keeps on a level that doesn't affect my lifestyle. There is never a point where I can say I'm not making any money to survive. I am satisfied with the way I have dealt with this business. I am sure that even once per year, I'll be able to get a great show," the Dye Dye singer said.

Still high from accolades she received after her performance at Angela Yee Day at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Macka Diamond pointed out that this summer has been great. She thrilled audiences in places such as Los Angeles, Cleveland, Houston, San Diego, Las Vegas, Brooklyn, The British Virgin Islands, Canada and Guyana.

She also signed off on a brand ambassador's partnership with popular fragrance brand Dossier perfumes.

"My new team reached out to a couple people and they were interested. It started out as just promoting their product for one video and they loved what I did and that's how I became their ambassador. It was an excellent job coming from both me and the new team."

Macka Diamond recently released a new single, Numb Up, and she is currently working on an album, set to be released in 2024.

Born on on January 12, 1971, Charmaine Munro grew up in Portmore, St Catherine. Her life was heavily influenced by music, thanks to her father, Phillip Munroe, a record producer.

She originally performed as Lady Mackerel, but in 2003 she rebranded herself as Macka Diamond. That same year, she released Tek Con as a response to a Vybz Kartel track and created a big buzz in the industry. In 2004, the release of Done A Ready gave Macka Diamond her first number one hit.

An author, she has written four books, among them Bun Him!!! ( Parts 1 and 2); and Grown & Sexy.

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