Capleton returns to Europe for first time since pandemic

August 17, 2023

'The Fireman' Capleton, one of the artistes who traverses Europe annually, is back on the circuit after a pandemic-induced break and he is living his best life musically.

He is busy headlining some of the mega festivals that move to the reggae beat, and which provide a source of income for entertainers.

"It's a joy and a blessing to me because it's three years now I have not been to Europe. It says a lot for reggae music when I see that the people miss me and the message and the authenticity and soul of my music," Capleton, aka King Shango said.

He added, "This is Capleton headlining festivals and not Capleton in concert. Now I'm in Spain for Rototom Festival and then I'm off to Reggae Lake Festival in Holland. I've just completed One Love in Austria, Reggae Jam in Germany, [as well as] Nomadz and Nologo festivals in France."

Known for his high-energy performances, Capleton in action on stage is a dream for photographers, as they jostle to get images of him suspended in mid-air with the mic in hand. He noted that in that regard, nothing has changed, but admitted that not having his manager, Claudette Kemp, was a noticeable change. But he praised her for leaving him and them on a "solid foundation".

"I don't see any changes in Europe and I have not changed and I bring the same energy and vibe. Remember, Europe has always loved the roots reggae music culture. Not having Miss Kemp on the tour is much different because she was like a mother to everyone. On the tour, everyone gives me their condolences and she left me on a solid foundation. My core unit is still the same with my Prophecy Band and my family members, Jah Thunda, Sugar and Spencer and Sue," he explained.

He pointed out that many Jamaican artistes are in Europe now and "although some people are still into themselves, generally we are more closer because we are sometimes in the same hotel and same vehicles".

Responding to a video that has been circulating of Lila Ike at the back of the stage dancing and enjoying one of his performances in Europe, Capleton noted that that was normal in the music business.

"Lila Ike and the other young artistes look to me as I looked to the artistes before me," he explained.

The Fireman is currently promoting a few songs, among them Nah Guh See Di End Ah Mi, for Troyton Music; Beautiful Day, a collaboration with with Inner Voice; Hottest Region, a remix on Contractor's Tropical House album; and a collaboration with Ffurious titled Unstoppable.

After completing this set of shows, Capleton returns to Jamaica and then will be off to Europe again for two months -- October and November -- for a solo tour.

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