Chris Gayle embraces role as music ambassador

June 29, 2022

Superstar batsman and recording artiste Chris Gayle is embracing his role as an ambassador for Jamaica, especially one who now represents in both sport and music.

"It's a great feeling when you can have an impact on other people around the world and highlight Jamaica as much as I do in the sporting department, it is really fantastic. I'm really grateful to be an ambassador for my country. I love Jamaica so much and wherever I travel in the world I always highlight my country. Jamaica to the world. With the sports and music combined together, it is a privilege and I am glad that I am one of those persons who do it in both departments," he said.

Gayle was speaking after his recent meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who he visited at "the most famous street in England", 10 Downing Street in London. Gayle visited Johnson to discuss Jamaica 60 celebrations and cricket, lovely cricket. Gayle, who is an ambassador for Jamaica, shared that the conversation, which included UK Cabinet Minister Nigel Adams, was "very good".

"We are trying to get them to partner with us in a cricket game on August 6 at Treasure Beach. We are seeking sponsorship from the UK government to help us to uplift the game, or some assistance with getting equipment for Jamaica. They are very keen to come visit Jamaica, so it would be nice to have them here in Jamaica for our Independence. We discussed a bit of cricket as well because they love their cricket and we also discussed the tourism side of things, and music as well," Gayle told THE STAR.

Though he didn't get to perform a song for Johnson, Gayle didn't rule out doing so in the future.

"It was totally a different occasion, but in the future, you never know what can happen. Maybe on a different platform you will have the Universe Boss performing for the PM himself... and yuh know what? I'll rip it up. Yeah, let's see," he said.

But he did go bearing gifts -- cricket bats, of course. He told THE STAR that Johnson was elated to receive one and was "definitely a cricket fan".

"The moment I handed him that cricket bat he started to swing immediately and he was enjoying himself. He actually mentioned a story about facing Courtney Walsh as well in some charity game in which he smashed about 20 or 30-odd [runs]. He is definitely a cricket fan and he is one of Universe Boss' fans now," said Gayle.

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