Woman seeks help after multiple strokes, heart attacks


November 18, 2015

Hi! I would like to be bill free. I am a single mother of two children. In June 2014 I suffer two strokes and two heart attacks. I spent two weeks at KPH. In August of the same year, I suffer another stroke and heart attack and spend two more weeks in the hospital. I was unable to walk and had to do physiotherapy to assist me.

Since then I have been struggling. I was working, but due to my illness I have since lost my job. My illness at times causes me to be confused and to wet myself. All my money has since been exhausted due to medical condition. My daughter is a third year student of UTech pursuing law and had to take a loan from SLB to do her studies.

She still has a year to complete her studies because she took a year off to attend to me. I also need to find the money to assist her. My son is now at the Pre-College of Caribbean Maritime Institute, which is funded by HEART/Government. He is assisted by my brother to attend school. I am in so many debts as my light and water bills are owing.

I owe rent for where I am living, as I have not paid any since December last year and I have been given notice to vacate the premises, with a court date pending. Food is scarce commodity for us, as we eat what is given to us by neighbours. I would like the necessary help and consideration to be given to us. My bill amount for the month is $85,000.

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