Girlfriend thinks I’m cheating with my ex

December 02, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I have a girlfriend but I am having difficulties with her. She accused me of cheating on her with my ex-girlfriend. That is something I have never done. She called my ex-girlfriend and cursed her and told her some derogatory things.

My ex-girlfriend called me and told me what she said. My girlfriend admitted that she called my ex-girlfriend and cursed her because somebody told her that they saw me at the supermarket with her. Pastor, this girl and I have a child together. So I did go that Saturday to give her some money. She asked me if I could give her a ride to the supermarket. I told her yes. So I took her.

Very beautiful girl

What my girlfriend cannot understand is that seeing me with my ex-girlfriend and our child doesn't mean that I am going to bed with her. She said I should have just given her the money and left. My girlfriend is a very beautiful girl but she is dumb. I told her that I would leave her if she continues to try to rule me.

My child's mother and I broke up more than three years ago. Since then, I have never had sex with her even though she has tried to get me to spend more time with her. I have told her to dress my child and I will pick her up.

My girlfriend found out that the car my child's mother is driving is mine. She told me I should take the car away from her. When my child's mother has the car she can get around much better than when she doesn't have it. The car was in the garage when she asked me to take her to the supermarket.

What I can't stand is that every time we have a little argument, my girlfriend brings up my babymother's name, but my babymother is not harassing her.

Sometimes I think that my girlfriend is behaving this way because she doesn't have an education. And although I have tried to help her, I am not seeing any improvement. She told me that if I dump her, any man will take her because she has good looks. I can't stand the harassment.


Dear E.D.,

It is evident that the woman with whom you are living doesn't trust you and sees your child's mother as a threat. No man wants to be harassed constantly and those who have taken the news to the woman you are living, need to mind their business. It is no body's business if you went to the supermarket with your child's mother. Your girlfriend at home should have set the person or persons who told her who you were seeing straight.

If your girlfriend continues to harass you like that, you can imagine how she would behave if you were to marry her. You would not be a happy man. So set your woman at home straight.


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