JPL Best and Worst Week 11

January 27, 2023
Dean Andre Thomas
Dean Andre Thomas
Ajuma Johnson
Ajuma Johnson



With all their struggles this season, Waterhouse managed a big win by defeating Cavalier 1-0 to give their playoff chances a big boost. With two games to go before the end of the first round, Waterhouse are now in seventh place with 16 points, two points away from sixth-place Dunbeholden. While it has not been the most consistent campaign so far, Waterhouse are still in a position to push into the top six if they can continue to grind out results.


The Humble Lion of two seasons ago seem to have evaporated. Instead of not recovering from slow starts, they have surged and found consistency. Their 1-0 win over Portmore United was the second time this season they are winning back-to-back games and it is their fourth win in the last seven matches. They are now in third place with 20 points, four away from leaders Mount Pleasant. While their late push last year saw them get edged out of the playoffs, Humble Lion's next challenge is to ensure that they do not sink into slumps, which could derail them.


The reigning champions went through a rough patch for the last three games having been shut out and winless, but they finally managed to not only score, but hold on to a lead, defeating Montego Bay United 1-0. It does not mean that all their attacking and defensive problems have been solved, but being in fourth place with 19 points and still five points from first place, they are still in good stead.


Dunbeholden can thank a familiar face, Dean Andre Thomas, for extending their winning streak to three games as his 85th-minute strike was enough to defeat Vere United 1-0. The finalists have not been at their scintillating best like last season but they are well in the playoff hunt with this run of form. Dunbeholden can make it four straight facing Chapelton Maroons, who are now in the relegation places.



Things have gone from bad to worse for Chapelton Maroons. The consequences of firing coach Lenworth Hyde had more far-reaching effects than they realised. The young players he brought with him left, putting a significant dent in their personnel. They were absent from their fixture against Mount Pleasant and the punishment for the no-show was swift and severe: A $200,000 fine, a requirement to reimburse Mount Pleasant for all expenses up to $150,000 and most importantly, six points docked. Now they have sunk into the bottom two with two points.


Arnett Gardens' Ajuma Johnson will not want to watch the tape of their game against Faulkland FC on Monday night for various reasons, but the biggest one will be his inexplicable miss from close range, which ended up being the difference as they drew 0-0. The ground pass to Johnson arrived at his feet and any soft touch would have resulted in a goal. Instead, somehow his tap-in sailed over the bar and into the night sky at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex.


Vere United could have made more use of their unexpected fortune if they had held on against Dunbeholden in their 1-0 loss on Monday. The decision to dock six points from Chapelton Maroons because of their no-show vs Mount Pleasant meant that Vere climbed out of the relegation places before a ball was kicked. The problem is that they still cannot get a win with two games to go in the first round and they have scored the least goals among all teams this season (two).

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