Eastern St Thomas MP wants Parchment’s statue in the parish

August 10, 2021

Dr Michelle Charles, member of parliament for St Thomas Eastern, says she will be championing the call for a statue to be erected in honour of Olympic 110 metres hurdles champion Hansle Parchment in the parish.

The 31-year-old Parchment stormed to a surprise victory to capture the gold medal in the final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, last week. It was his second Olympic medal in the event. He won a bronze medal in the event at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Charles said she will be meeting with the Minister of Sports Olivia 'Babsy' Grange to discuss honouring the sprint hurdler with a statue in the parish.

"That is something that I would definitely champion and will have to speak to the minister of sports about that," she said.

He inspires us

"I believe that he is such a big inspiration to all of us here in St Thomas and his sense of gratitude alone is what I love and he inspires us all and I think a statue will be wonderful here in St Thomas," she said.

"It would be something that everybody in the world would want to come and see ... so I would love that for him," the St Thomas Eastern Member of Parliament added.

Marsha Ford-Bryan, acting principal of Morant Bay High School, said the institution is in full support of a statue being erected in honour of the outstanding sprint hurdler and past student.

"Definitely, this is something that I would want to see happen," said Ford-Bryan. "Anything that will promote the dedication of our past student who has done us so proud, not only as an institution but as a parish and as a nation. That will be a symbolic move that I will definitely support," she said.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered throughout Parchment's home parish of St Thomas yesterday to greet their sports icon during a motorcade in the parish. Parchment said he was very happy for the love and support that he has received from the persons in his hometown.

"It is a whole lot of excitement because everybody is out to support and I could not be happier and I just want to thank them for their love and support over the years," said Parchment.

"I think that without them we as athletes could not have done what we did for the country and our families over the years," he said.

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