Kyle fears for his safety

December 02, 2020
Kyle Butler
Kyle Butler

A tweet from the Twitter account of Kyle Butler suggests that the footballer fears for his and his family's safety after his allegations of assault and abuse by an unnamed perpetrator.

The account has been posting a series of tweets since Monday, some since deleted, which allege that Butler was stabbed at a training session at Mona High School on Monday afternoon and left to bleed to death. The tweets also allege that Butler, now 22 years old, and his mother have both been mentally and physically abused by this person since he was eight or nine years old.

Now he has warned his followers on Twitter to be alert should he become the victim of another attack.

"Just know if anything happens to me or my family. You know who.." one tweet read.

Butler released more photos showing other wounds he sustained in the alleged incident, and one he said was from days before.

In one photo, Butler is seen with a welt across his left shoulder blade.

Player fell on a stick

"Explain this ... did a stick make this?" the caption on the photo read in relation to Butler's father, Craig, telling STAR Sports that the player fell on a stick, leading to wounds on his arms.

When asked what had caused the back injury, Kyle responded that "man lick me outta him lass a couple days before because I had friends over".

A screenshot of a text message saying "Is long time he was planning to attack you" was also posted with the caption "Premeditated".

"I have n0 motive to attack anyone, I've never initiated an attack in my life. Now if I fell and got wound that went right through my flesh .. please explain these ..," another tweet read with photos showing a cut inside Kyle's lower lip.

Craig has since denied being guilty of assaulting or abusing Kyle in a press release sent to the media by his attorney Christopher Townsend.

"Let me categorically state that I have not been abusive to my son on that date or any other date," Craig said. "I have encouraged him and helped him to achieve his full potential. I have worked hard to create opportunities for my son of which he enjoyed for years. There was no complains then.

Craig also asked that the public shows the Butler family privacy as it attempts to work through the matter.

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