Hamilton calls for Cavalier ruthlessness

April 11, 2019
Dunbeholden’s Adrian Williams and Cavalier’s Nicholas Hamilton (right) duel for the ball in their Red Stripe Premier League match at the Stadium East field on Sunday, December 16, 2018.

Cavalier midfielder Nicholas Hamilton said his team needs to be a lot more clinical in front of goal if they are to overcome their two goal deficit to Waterhouse in the second leg of their Red Stripe Premier League semi-final at the National Stadium on Monday.

Cavalier were beaten 2-0 by Waterhouse in their first-leg encounter on Monday but despite the defeat, the Rudolph Speid-coached team created a lot of scoring chances in the second half, which they failed to capitalise on.

Hamilton told Star Sports that the team was very upset with the defeat and they are now very determined to put on an excellent showing in the return game on Monday.

“I think we weren’t efficient enough because we had a bad day in front of goal and we have to work on that going forward and ensure that we get it right in the second leg,” Hamilton said.


“The players are still confident despite us being 2-0 down. We just have to try and get the first goal, because the first goal that is going to score in this game has to come from us, and then we will take it from there.

“It is going to be tough because Waterhouse is a very good team, but the attacking part of Cavalier’s team can get by any team on any given day. We just have to continue working hard and keep our heads up.”

He said that despite their defeat in the opening game, the team did not play badly, and he is very optimistic that they will do well in their return game.

“It wasn’t a bad defeat because we played good, but unfortunately we lost the game,” Hamilton said.

“We just have to be more efficient in front of goal and get off more shots on target and ensure that we put away those chances that we created in the second leg,” he noted.

Hamilton has netted 10 goals in this season’s competition.

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