Old man yet to compensate victim after seven months

September 20, 2023

An elderly man who has been before the criminal courts multiple times in seven months and is yet to make compensation of $50,000 for unlawful wounding, was remanded in custody by a senior parish judge.

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque indicated that Carlton Cameron will be remanded until the monies are paid.

"This is contemptuous," the senior judge told the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday. Cameron has attended court four times since the matter was first mentioned in the Corporate Area Court and he agreed on May 12 that he would compensate the complainant for the injuries he sustained. However, it is understood by investigators who are familiar with Cameron's matter that he does not have the resources to pay the complainant.

Cameron, according to prosecutors, was involved in an altercation with the complainant when he used an instrument to hit him in the face. The medical report on file states that the complainant was seen with a laceration to the face. The complainant, when asked by Judge Cole-Montaque to state the extent of his injuries, informed her that he almost lost his eye during the altercation.

"This is serious. The monies need to be paid, I cannot let down the confidence of the complainant," the judge said.

- T.T.

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