HIV-positive man throws urine on cop

September 08, 2023

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque condemned the actions of an HIV-positive man who admitted to throwing urine on a police inspector, during an altercation at the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

"It was water crisis and I had diarrhoea, my belly was cramping because I have HIV and I just did it. It cost me everything," the defendant explained.

"This is very offensive, very disgusting! That is out of order to do. There are some things you just don't do. You have that disease and it transmits through bodily secretions, that is grievous assault you know! You know you have that disease, and you throw your urine on the officer, knowing that you have that disease? If a did me, you would have to pay me for trauma I go through," Judge Cole-Montaque said.

"I am so sorry," the defendant said.

It was shared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that the defendant, along with two other male defendants, threw buckets of urine on the cop. The inspector indicated to the court that she is seeking to be compensated in the sum of $100,000, to which the defendant agreed.

"I need to send a deterrent message to those in lock-up that you don't do those things. This is grievous assault," the judge stressed. The men were remanded in custody until September 13, when payment is expected to be made.

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