Inmate stabs another in lock-up

September 05, 2023

An inmate is insisting that he was only trying to defend himself when he stabbed a fellow inmate at the Half-Way Tree lock-up.

"Your Honour it is a simple case of self-defence," Ricardo Sudlow told Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday. It should never reach this far. I was in a cell with eight other persons and he (the complainant) had a weapon trying to attack me and I disarmed him," Sudlow said. However, the complainant said that he was stabbed because he did not want to be a part of Sudlow's alleged escape plan.

"Your Honour, he attacked me. I have been in the lock-up for two years and in less than a week him attack me because he was trying to break out of Half-Way Tree jail and I reported it, because I am not getting charged for attempted escape. That is why all of them (other inmates) give him a knife to stab me up," the complainant shared, showing wounds on his hand, neck and face. However, Judge Cole-Montaque was startled to learn that Sudlow attacked the complainant while in court.

"I would love to bring to the court's attention that when Mr Sudlow was being brought into the court, he launched an attack on the complainant and I am of the view, My Lady, that they should now be nowhere close to each other. I very much sat and considered whether I should charge Mr Sudlow but I don't want to add any additional burden to him," the court officer who witnessed the attack said. Sudlow reportedly kicked the complainant as he was being taken into the holding area.

"I find that very offensive because while the court is sitting and for that to be done, while the court is sitting, that is disrespectful. Here you are charged with unlawful wounding and, right in court, you are assaulting somebody. I share your sentiments, they should not be anywhere close to each other. I am concerned," the senior jurist argued.

Sudlow, who is also before other courts for murder and firearm offences, was made the subject of a psychiatric evaluation. Judge Cole-Montaque noted that the men should be separated as there is continuous interference. Both men were remanded in custody until October 26 when the matter is set for mention.

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