Mom of crash victim wanted him to turn to God

April 14, 2023
Micha Stewart
Micha Stewart
Michelle Stewart, Micha’s mother said she warned him about his motorbike.
Michelle Stewart, Micha’s mother said she warned him about his motorbike.
Kerin Stewart, Micha’s father, recalls his son’s final words.
Kerin Stewart, Micha’s father, recalls his son’s final words.

A St Thomas mother whose son perished in a road crash on Sunday is lamenting that he did not heed family warnings about his motorbike and giving his life to God.

According to the police's Corporate Communications Unit, about 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, 20-year-old Micha Stewart, a student of Long Level in Brensbury, was killed when he crashed while driving his motorbike, metres away from his gate. The police stated that he hit the rear of a Toyota Probox when he was trying to overtake the vehicle after the driver signalled a left turn. Micha was rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital in Morant Bay, but was later pronounced dead.

Micha, a former Seaforth High School student, was seeking to be certified in welding at HEART/NSTA Trust. He was described as a loving and caring son by his mother Michelle. But she recalled that when he got the bike, his father told him to return it.

"His brother also told him to get rid of it. He was using the bike to do deliveries," she said. On the fateful day, she was moved to talk to him about giving his life to the Lord.

"I got up Sunday morning and I was praying. He left the house to play football and when he came back I said to him, 'Micha, the Lord said to tell you that if you take time out for Him he will take time out for you'. He didn't answer and his father said to him, 'Micha, why don't you go to church with your mother?'," she said.

Later that day, she reportedly begged Micha to stay off the road after he expressed a desire to play pool nearby with his younger brother. Shortly after that, Michelle said something came over her.

"I said to him, 'Micha, yuh need to come in the house on time'. [Later] the Spirit just said to me 'worship'. So I started worshipping and washing. But while there my mind just shift then I heard a bike coming up the road with speed and a truck at the gate honking the horn," she said. Michelle said a truck man told her about Micha's crash.

"When I go up there he was on his back and I go over him and said, 'Micha, Micha, yuh didn't listen to me!' and he was like 'whoa, whoa', because of the level of pain that he was in. He was speaking, he was just making the sounds," she said.

Micha's father, Kerin Stewart, said he was now finding it difficult to eat and sleep as his son's final words continue to haunt him.

"Mi cyah eat a good food all now. If mi inna di house a eat food a him mi a think bout, right now mi weak," the shell-shocked dad told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"When me put him in the car, as mi reach [further up the road] him say, 'daddy mi ago dead, enuh. Mi ago dead'!" recalled Stewart. He said the words gave him a sunken feeling and he started to shake.

"Wi inna di car a shuffle and a shuffle because him say him a get weak and feel dizzy. Di man [their neighbour] weh a carry wi start say 'stop di noise, stop it!'. But mi never say nothing because mi just in disbelief," he said. Unfortunately Micha died about five minutes after reaching hospital.

"Dem put mi one side 'round a one corner fi siddung, but from mi see the man a come towards me I knew something wasn't right. Him say, 'bwoy mi sorry but him gone'. Dem say him heartstring fail him but mi a tell yuh di truth him do dem best," he said. Michelle regrets that Micha did not heed her advice but expressed faith in the Lord.

"What I am so grateful for, God gave me the strength to stand ... He got an untimely death, but in spite of that I am grateful," the mother said.

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