Lucky escape - Survivor of gas station shooting still traumatised

March 30, 2023

The ear-splitting sound of gunshots barking above his head was still affecting John*, less than 24 hours after gunmen opened fire at him and several other persons while they were gambling outside a Texaco gas station at the intersection of Molynes and Waltham Park roads on Tuesday.

Nicholas Scott, 34, of Lincoln Crescent, Kingston 5, was killed while another taxi operator was also shot and remains in hospital. John said he thought that he would die and only remembered running out of his slippers as the shooting started.

"Right now, mi still weak inna mi knees! Mi only hear 'swoosh, swoosh!' And, when mi look, is a man dat a beat di shot dem," the traumatised eyewitness recalled.

John said he became static for a brief moment as another bullet flew past his face before hitting his friend.

"Mi a wonder wah wrong wid mi foot, if a shot mi get shot, because mi wah run and cyah move," he said. John said that he only remembered forcing himself to run, as the gunman, who was clad in a construction vest, approached closer with guns blazing.

"Mi use mi right foot and kinda kick off the left because di bredda a run on while him a fire shot. Mi tell mi self mi cyah afford fi dead right yah so," the experienced cabbie stated.

John also shared that, less than a minute before the shooting, he declined a work call, as he was too busy gambling.

"Bwoy, mi nuh know, is a lucky thing say mi get di call because it did kinda break mi focus. Maybe mi woulda have mi head down inna di game and nah watch wah gwan," he said.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) reported that at about 6:35 p.m., the men were outside of the gas station when a motorcycle drove up. The pillion rider alighted and opened gunfire hitting two men.

John said Scott was a jovial person and loving father.

"A wah day him youth born, enuh. Mi know say him love him pickney because him always a talk 'bout the baby. Bwoy, mi cannot tell weh dis a come from, but a just so life go," he said.

*name changed to protect identity

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