Murder at wedding - Member of bridal party killed in daring attack

March 27, 2023
The picket fence through which gunmen fired on the wedding party at Shields resort in Negril, Westmoreland on Saturday.
The picket fence through which gunmen fired on the wedding party at Shields resort in Negril, Westmoreland on Saturday.

Her voice cracked as she recalled the shooting incident that turned what should have been the best day of her life into an unforgettable nightmare.

Marie had hoped for a more blissful and romantic end to Saturday when she and her husband exchanged vows at their wedding ceremony, which was held at a resort in Negril, Westmoreland.

But her world came crashing when gunmen opened gunfire at the bridal party.

"Di ring did just not too long go on and we deh deh a tek picture. I can't even describe what the family is going through," remarked Marie in between tears yesterday.

The tragic turn of events left hundreds traumatised, two photographers nursing gunshot wounds and 28-year-old Rushena Senior dead. Her body was found lying in a pool of blood following the deadly assault.

"Nobody know what caused this. Nobody! We just hear the gunshots out of the blue suh," Marie continued.

Senior, a data entry clerk of Kingsvale, Hanover, was the Marie's daughter-in-law, who also shared a child with one of the bride's sons.

"Him nuh stop cry," the newly wed said. "Him just a cry from morning suh. Dem have one daughter together and she is everything to them."

Marie described her relationship with Senior as "very close" and said that her daughter-in-law was excited about the wedding after playing a significant role in the arrangements.

"She even tell mi on the day that she did happy fi me."

Marie's son flew in just in time for the wedding, only to witness his partner of 10 years take last breath with bullets holes riddled over her body.

"Everybody is so distraught right now, from morning mi having belly pain,"

"Mi cyah manage dis, honestly! Mi belly feel like it a drop out," she belted during the brief telephone interview with THE STAR.

The Negril police reported that about 6:15 p.m., the couple had just gotten married in their community and were at the reception at Shields resort in Negril, Westmoreland.

Senior was among other members of the bridal party taking photographs at the beach bar on the property when men travelling on two motorcycles drove to a beach road separating Shields resort from a neighbouring property.

The men reportedly brandished handguns and opened fire through the picket fencing on the bridal party, hitting Senior and the two photographers.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit said that the investigation is yet to bear any fruits but that investigators were working on several leads that they hope will bring the perpetrators to justice.

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