Police search for injured gunman

March 17, 2023

Cops are hunting a wounded gunman believed to be part of the group that attacked a police unit last month in Greenwich Farm, Kingston, where Constable Jerome Myers was shot and injured.

Myers, a member of the St Andrew South police's Proactive Investigation Unit (PIU), was shot in the chest and leg while he was on patrol. The police have reported that an unidentified male, also believed to be one of the perpetrators, was fatally shot and a black and brown FMK 9mm pistol was seized.

Another man has since been taken into police custody following the February 24 incident.

However, a source has reliably informed THE WEEKEND STAR that the police have been fervent in their search to find a third male, who is believed to have picked up several rounds during the shootout.

The source also informed that the fugitive initially sought private treatment in Kingston at a medical facility alleged to be frequently used by players in the criminal underworld.

The unidentified fugitive is now said to be hopping around in order to evade the police, as he self-medicates with the assistance of friends and relatives.

Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, who is the commanding officer for the division told THE WEEKEND STAR confirmed the reports, adding that the police have reasons to believe that there are multiple men currently in hiding while nursing severe gunshot wounds.

"We are still trying to locate him while him and his cronies continue to self-medicate," the senior cop said.

"We understand that this person is still suffering from the gunshot wounds, but is afraid to go to a hospital in fear of being arrested," said Ricketts.

The divisional commander has also issued a warning to persons intent on aiding the fugitive.

"In doing so, they could find themselves being arrested and charged and be placed before the courts. It is an offence to harbour criminals so I just want to use the opportunity to warn them," Ricketts cautioned.

The attack which happened about 9:20 a.m., was one of five shooting incidents involving members of the police force between February 13 and 25.

Ricketts disclosed that the injured cop's condition was still serious.

"We are still praying that young Myers recovers fully. He is improving but he is still not out of the woods. We know of at least one other major surgery that he has to undergo, but the doctors are waiting on a certain condition in order to go ahead. But we remain optimistic about his situation," he said.

The St Andrew South Police Division, despite being home to more than 40 active gangs, has seen a marked decline in the number of murders and shootings recorded since January 2022.

The area recorded 130 murders in 2022, which was 34 less than the previous year, and the lowest in six years, police data reveal.

Ricketts was bullish in his remark about the work that is being done to rid the division of violence.

"We responded decisively within the Greenwich Farm space where we also had a very serious confrontation where men challenged the police. One man was shot and killed during the confrontation when he challenged the police. We have another in custody that we believe would have been one of the attackers. In fact, he was wanted for another murder within the space. He is slated for an ID parade and we expect him to be charged with the shooting incident that involved the police," he said.

"We are still monitoring over 30 gang conflicts affecting just that number of communities, but we will not relent. I have to start with the hard-working police officers. We have some extremely hard-working police officers out there and a good management team that pushes on a daily basis," Ricketts said.

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