KipRich gets back stolen items

March 17, 2023

Dancehall artiste KipRich is reporting that he recovered his chain and Rolex watch on Thursday, just days after an Airbnb apartment that he was renting was broken into by a lone thief who got away with more than US$50,000 (approximately $7.6 million) in cash and other valuables.

The incident reportedly happened in Portmore, St Catherine, last Saturday around 10 a.m. The relieved entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that he collected the items at the Constant Spring Tax Office in St Andrew from a bus driver after following several leads, which began in downtown Kingston.

"A likkle sistrin show mi a vibes and same time mi jump pon it. A from 5 a.m. [Thursday] mi ride mi bike with mi helmet on and go downtown a look, enuh. Mi see him and programme him fi couple hours well before mi mek two sound with my links then call the police," the veteran deejay said.

KipRich disclosed that the man was initially reluctant to answer the lawmen after they took him to the Darling Street Police Station in Kingston for questioning.

"Him a deny everything dung a di station until him see the clear picture of himself. Him a tell the police baay lies say a Bull Bay him come from and him never go Portmore yet, and dem things deh," he said. "But after a while him admit say him climb through the window and him talk everything." The police's Corporate Communications Unit said that the man remains in custody and will be transferred to the Greater Portmore Police Station in St Catherine where investigators are probing the case. It is believed that the culprit gave the bus driver the items to hold for him.

The deejay also thanked the police and his fans for "acting swiftly" in helping him recover the stolen items.

"Mi just wah fi big up the network inna di streets and the police for moving swiftly because right now me feel 100 per cent better," he said.

On Sunday, the police confirmed that KipRich reported that his US$25,000 Rolex watch and a gold chain valuing more than US$12,000 were among several items stolen. Burberry sunglasses valued at US$450, and cash amounting to US$15,000 and CDN$300 (approximately $33,000) were also taken.

KipRich, 45, said he was happy to recover the two most valuable items and was now prepared to move on from the incident.

"Mi never expect back no money but from mi get back mi Rolex, weh mi tek mi time and pay off, mi feel good. Plus mi chain and mi belt," he said.

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