Cops probe if mistaken identity led to murder

March 03, 2023

Residents in Yallahs, St Thomas, are said to be tight-lipped as police continue to investigate the murders of two men, one of whom persons speculate was mistaken for the other.

The deceased are Richard Campbell and Kenese Powell of Poorman's Corner addresses in Yallahs. It is reported that on Sunday, Powell was at the Bailey's Beach in Yallahs when he was pounced upon by gunmen who shot him several times in the head. The following day, Campbell was sitting at a bar when he was shot. He reportedly ran but fell 25 metres away. The shooter reportedly went over him and fired at him several times before escaping in a waiting motor car. However, a licensed firearm holder reportedly took on the shooter who returned gunfire. No one was injured during that exchange.

The rumours are that Powell was mistaken for Campbell and that the shooting deaths were drug-related. However, when contacted for a comment on the matter, commanding officer of the St Thomas Police Division, Superintendent Allison Byfield, said the police were not able to corroborate the claims.

"We have not yet established that as yet while we are hearing rumours on the ground around that. They have similar features but I can't confirm that it was a mistaken identity," Byfield told THE WEEKEND STAR. She, however, urged persons with information to come forward and share with the police as they try to piece the homicides that have since rocked the area.

"The police's response to both incidents were quick. However, persons are going about their business since then. They are tight-lipped. We are getting one and two calls that it is mistaken identity but we are not getting much details as to why they are saying that. Another theory on the ground is that it is drug-related," she said. "We are therefore appealing to persons with information who can assist us with this investigation to come forward."

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