‘Mi life just go back inna mi body’ - Quick Cook remembers brush with death in bike crash

March 01, 2023
Debris remained on the ground on Monday following Sunday’s fatal crash.
Debris remained on the ground on Monday following Sunday’s fatal crash.
Quick Cook
Quick Cook

Sunday night's crash in which five St Andrew men, all relatives, perished, has brought back painful memories for dancehall entertainer Quick Cook, who claimed that he was pronounced dead by passers-by following his motorbike crash in 2010.

"When mi deh a ground mi literally hear di people dem a say 'him dead, enuh, him dead'. But Father God say no and is like mi life just go back inna mi body," recalled the entertainer who suffered injuries to his feet and neck.

"Mi did a go one Friday thing over the scheme inna Payne Land a come from New Kingston. Mi no know weh di car come from, mi only know say a God alone save me from that accident. Only man alone could a move from the scene because the car and the bike couldn't move," he added.

Quick Cook, known mostly for his witty street slogans, said he was saddened when he heard the news about the horrific crash which occurred along the Temple Hall main road.

"It gave me a flashback to 2010 when mi did crash offa mi Suzuki bike and know mi coulda lose mi life. When mi hear, I was so astonished, especially when yuh look and see say a five young youths weh no live no life yet," Quick Cook said. The deceased were identified as Tajay Murray, 20; Raheem Campbell, 20; Jamie Marriot, 24; Romario Moodie, 17; and Anthony Fuller, 18.

While not knowing the details of the crash, and not accusing the young men of reckless driving, he urged motorcyclists to be more cautious when traversing the streets.

"Most of these youths a ride bike nowadays like dem foot and hand dem can grow back. A five bikes mi go through, enuh, and from mi a drive over 10 years now mi no bawl fi a drop or scrape up. It very serious wah gwan. So mi ago tell di yutes dem in Jesus name fi just keep focus while unuh deh pon di road. When yuh buy a bike, ride it with care and try mek some money offa it," he said.

"Condolences out to the families inna St Andrew because it is not going to be easy for them to deal with this situation. Because when yuh check it, di youth dem young and promising so anything can gwan fi dem inna di future," he said.

The Stony Hill police reported that about 10 p.m., the young men were travelling on three motorcycles towards Temple Hall. The drivers reportedly lost control of the vehicles and collided with a Toyota Hiace, which was travelling in the opposite direction. The men, who were reportedly coming from a party, died on the spot.

As of February 27, the Road Safety Unit reported that 67 persons have been killed in 58 fatal crashes. Motorcyclists account for 30 per cent of the road users killed in 2023.

A major pothole is alleged to have contributed to Sunday's crash. Lamenting the general deplorable road conditions, Quick Cook has urged the relevant authorities to make immediate adjustments.

"A next thing, di Water Commission people dem, when unuh dig up the road dem, ma beg unuh, fix back the road good because more time riders affi dilly dally out of potholes like motorists also due to how bad the road dem be. Dat is also sumpn weh di Government fi look into and mek life better for Jamaicans," he said.

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