Notorious ‘Bigga Crime’ cut down by cops

February 09, 2023
A cordoned section of Longville Park, Clarendon, where Nesta ‘Bigga Crime’ Morrison was fatally shot by the security forces on Wednesday.
A cordoned section of Longville Park, Clarendon, where Nesta ‘Bigga Crime’ Morrison was fatally shot by the security forces on Wednesday.

There were contrasting reactions from individuals in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay, St Thomas, late yesterday evening, following the news that reputed gang leader Nesta 'Bigga Crime' Morrison was dead.

The police reported that Morrison, one of Jamaica's most wanted men, was shot and killed by the security forces during an operation in Longville Park, Clarendon. Morrison reportedly created havoc for Eleven Miles residents as his two-year reign was marked by numerous acts of terror including murder, extortion and arson. At one point, the police confirmed that Morrison went around the community randomly searching people's phones to see who they were communicating with. The police said that yesterday's operation targeted Morrison, who has eluded capture on several occasions. Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey hailed Morrison's death as a "victory for the people", during a video released by the force.

"Bigga Crime has been on the police's most wanted list for over two years and despite many requests from the police for him to turn himself in, he actually did not and several operations were mounted against that were unsuccessful. Bigga Crime reigned terror on the citizens within the Eleven Miles, Bull Bay areas and its environments, killing ... several people. I think it is a victory for the people of those communities and it is a great relief that he can no longer perpetuate those acts of violence on them," Bailey said.

As the news quickly spread throughout Eleven Miles where Morrison was based, several residents said that they can now live in relative peace.

"Mi no wah say nothing too tuff because you know that man never do things alone, so wall and zinc have ears. But truth be told, wi happy say dem get rid of him. Is a joy for a lot of people right now. Look pon the road. Yuh think you could a come see this amount of people on the road side inna dem hours yah? The man drive a fear inna people weh mi never see before," said one resident. Others claimed that they were beaten whenever they refused to pay or were late with their extortion fees. But others opined that they are now "vulnerable" with their "protector and strongman" no longer around.

"A nuff people hear things weh the police and media say 'bout him and believe but don't know who the real person is. Yuh see if a no him, a nuff things would a gwan in yah. Dem man deh was our strongman, so right now yuh will soon hear how much people a move out. My bags dem done pack already," a man said.

One of Morrison's relatives said that he was not the monster that he was portrayed to be.

"Him deh a Mandeville and man dead inna Bull Bay and dem say a him do it. Bigga deh a country and shooting gwan, dem say a him do it. The police tell di whole world say him a murderer, him a dis and dat, but wi know better," she said.

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