Rescued baby Nyyear doing well in basic school

February 07, 2023
Proud mom Aaliah Wray and son Nyyear Frank.
Proud mom Aaliah Wray and son Nyyear Frank.
Nyyear Frank
Nyyear Frank

Nyyear Frank, the infant who was stolen from the arms of his then teenage mother Aaliah Wray in October 2019, has now started basic school and is excelling.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Wray said it was a bit challenging for her to let the three-year-old out of her sight daily because of the horrific experience. But she stated that she is adjusting.

"It was really terrifying for me because of what had happened. I know he is going to a good school and he is going to be safe, but I was really afraid of him being out of my sight. He is doing really well in school. He can say his ABCs, identify colours, and he is counting from one to 10. He also has been making friends," she said.

Nyyear was snatched from Wray's arms along Rousseau Road in St Andrew after she was dragged into a vehicle. Nyyear was recovered four months later by the police after Wray reportedly got an anonymous tip via social media that he was at a house in Waltham Park. Wray was reunited with her son in January 2020.

"Every time I watch myself grow, I think about all the things that I could miss out on if I didn't get back my baby. I am just really happy we are reunited," she added.

Wray said she breathed a huge sigh of relief when five-month-old Roshane Malik Hall was found last month in Cambridge, St James, a day after he was stolen from his mother in Horizon Park, Spanish Town, St Catherine. She said her eyes were filled with tears after she learnt about the incident as it jogged her memory.

"I was really angry when I heard that her baby was stolen because it happened basically the same way my son was stolen. No mother should have to endure that," she said.

The woman accused of stealing Nyyear has been charged with child stealing and the matter is slated to continue in the Home Circuit Court in December. When asked if there is room for forgiveness in her heart for the accused, Wray said she is still bitter.

"Forgiveness is really hard for me because I am still traumatised by everything that happened up to this day. Mi still fraid to take taxi and sometimes it just randomly flash through mi head and mi get really angry. The flashback dem still literally play back inna mi head and mi still have nightmare, suh mi can't forgive her," Wray said.

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