Deejay killed in Central Kingston

November 22, 2022

An up-and-coming dancehall artiste TK was getting ready to 'breeze' the gritty Tel Aviv community of Central Kingston, having sensed in his spirit that something bad was about to happen to him.

He did his laundry on Sunday night and told his friend, Dhiama Forbes, that he was planning to leave. However, he did not have enough money, and remained grounded in the community until late yesterday afternoon when he was shot and killed, allegedly by a soldier.

Forbes told THE STAR that on Sunday night, TK, whose given name is Hewitt Terrain, said he was overcome by a heavy feeling.

"Mi deh inna me house last night and him come to me and say, 'Dhiama, mi nuh like the feeling weh me have'. So me ask him wah kinda feeling him have, but him say him a guh a country. Him wash out him clothes dem last night and wake up this morning and say to me again, 'Sister, me no like how mi feel'. Mi ask him how him feel, but him say him nuh like how him feel, him a guh cut," Forbes said.

"Him ask me if me have money and me tell him a $1,000, then mi ask him if him wah half of it. Him say $500 cyah bring him go weh him a go, and say him a go outside fi beg Pouchie (a neighbour) a money pon it," Forbes said.

TK, who is said to be from St Thomas, did not get a chance to leave Tel Aviv as he was shot and killed in the community, allegedly by a soldier. The details of the encounter were not forthcoming at press time last night.

Meanwhile, angry residents last night set fire to sections of the road in the community as they protested the killing.

"Unuh is nothing but a set of murderers," bellowed an angry female while Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) investigators processed the incident scene.

"As unuh gone wi a go block the road and burn tyre inna dem. Unuh is a wicked!"

The residents made good on their promise and mounted a fiery roadblock in the street, which was later cleared by the lawmen and a responding unit from the Jamaica Fire Brigade.

Commanding officer for the Kingston Central Police Division, Superintendent Berrisford Williams, has urged eyewitnesses to share whatever information that they have about the incident with INDECOM.

"That could help to provide some clarity as early as possible," Williams said.

Meanwhile, Forbes, who stood metres from the blood-soaked surface where TK took his last breath, alleged that he was abused by a team a soldiers shortly before he was killed.

"Dem a beat him fi nothing, a whole heap a dem, but a one kill him. Him put the gun inna him head back because me see when it happen," she said.

According to the alleged eyewitness, the soldier who pulled the trigger was reprimanded at the scene by another soldier who she said questioned, "'Why yuh shoot the youth? Why yuh kill the youth?'."

"Dem shoot him fi nothing at all. Him not even a gunman. Him tie steel fi support him music. Fi somebody weh a try fi uplift himself and come out of the garrison, him could a tun a gunman and him choose not to, him choose fi do him song and yuh kill him fi nothing at all," Forbes moaned.

She said that the burgeoning deejay was also excited about the future following recent news that he was going to become a father.

"Him girlfriend just get pregnant, she deh three months now and see it deh, him child a guh grow up without a father. Him always seh him a guh buss so that him can tek care of his responsibilities. Him deh round here fi more than five years and the people dem tek on to him, but a mi him normally stay round the most," she said.

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