Free cops from mental slavery – Police Federation head

January 24, 2022

Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation Corporal Rohan James is calling for the Government to free police officers from mental slavery through shorter hours and better pay.

News broke last week that a St Elizabeth cop left his one-year-old daughter in his car for several hours. Persons close to the cop have theorised that work-related stress may have contributed heavily to him forgetting the child.

"I don't want to prejudice the matter because an investigation is on and I don't want to presume or assume and I don't want to go outside of my competence to speak specifically as to any contributory factors," James told THE STAR. "[But] The fact of the matter, the Government can mitigate against the high stress levels by ensuring that they treat with the issue of the remuneration as well as the long working hours. The police officers are working without being compensated and that can mitigate against the hardship and the distraction that they face. The Government, our employer, has a significant role to play. They should stop detaining the police officers mentally and free them from mental slavery."

James said it is difficult for police officers to manage their affairs given the intensity of their work obligations.

"I insist that the Government should provide the resources so that the commissioner of police can improve the institutional capacities of the medical services branch and the chaplain services branch. It provides for the physical care of the members as well as the mental capacity to be a staff agent. So they will be exposed to counselling, they will be able to get medical attention at intervals, as well as the service could be extended to their families that are impacted by the police service that they render," he said.

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