PM visits bedside of ailing Westmoreland woman

November 23, 2021

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is receiving high praise from residents of Paul Island, Westmoreland after he flew to the community to pray for an ailing woman.  

Residents gazed with apprehension on a helicopter as it landed in the community last week Thursday. They were surprised to see Holness exit the helicopter.

The purpose of his trip was to visit Mrs Marcella Foote, who has been ailing for some time, to wish her a speedy recovery and to pray for her.

Several residents joined in the prayer session as the Prime Minister knelt at Foote’s bedside praying for her.

“Prime Minister Holness is so humble and caring,” one resident remarked while another said “It makes such a difference to really see the Prime Minister praying for a sick friend.” 

One young man said he felt afraid when he saw the helicopter landing.

“I thought it was members of the security forces coming to conduct a raid but I was so happy and relieved when I saw the Prime Minister,” the young man said.

Among those who were present to greet the Prime Minister were the Custos of Westmoreland, the Very Reverend Canon Hartley Perry, Marcella’s husband Don Foote and their children Able-Don, Duke St John and Ian Mark and her father-in-law hotelier Dane “Blushy” Foote.

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