Mom seeks help for 4-y-o with brain injury

June 16, 2021
Rennae Edwards and her daughter D’jhanae.
Rennae Edwards and her daughter D’jhanae.

A St Ann woman whose four-year-old child suffered brain damage as a result of a motor vehicle accident in St Mary is appealing for help to access the necessary treatment to help her live a normal life.

Rennae Edwards, of Priory, told THE STAR that on October 7, 2019 she was travelling with her daughter, D'jhanae Shaw, who was two at the time, and her niece in a robot taxi from Ocho Rios, St Ann, to Oracabessa, St Mary.

When the car reached a section of the Boscobel main road, it got out of control and crashed into a truck travelling in the opposite direction. Two persons died while Edwards and her niece had minor injuries. But D'jhanae had to be placed in a coma.

"She was diagnosed with severe brain injury. She came out of the hospital with a feeding tube in her stomach. Luckily she overcame it. Currently, her right eye pupil is dilated than the other. She is incontinent, her right ear is fractured, she is not walking, talking, or carrying out basic self-help activities," she said. "She requires home nurse care, physiotherapy, speech therapy, eye care, ear care, stimulating toys, and resources to aid with mobility, comfort, and neurological functioning. Before the accident, she had completed all her developmental milestones successfully. She is now starting all over and requires boosters."

While the added medical expense is taking a toll on the family, Edwards is seeking assistance to aid in her daughter's quick and total recovery, and is hosting a luncheon on July 23.

To support Rennae Edwards' fundraising luncheon or to contribute to little D'Jhanae's recovery process, you may reach her at 876-218-8315, or Dadrian Shaw at 876-792-6689.

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