Thieves strike at Dovecot

April 30, 2021

The St Catherine police have confirmed reports of a major break-in at the Dovecot Memorial Gardens where thieves allegedly took off with several gardening tools and equipment valuing more than $500,000.

According to a representative at the police's Corporate Communications Unit, detectives at the Spanish Town Police Station have launched an investigation into the illicit graveyard activity.

"The police are aware of the matter and an investigation is already in motion. The investigators are following a few leads although no arrest has been made," the representative said.

Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that the matter was brought to the attention of the police by a construction supervisor. The complainant reported that shortly after closing business, thieves gained entry into the store rooms after they broke down the doors.

After gaining entry, they allegedly stole items including four wheelbarrows valued at $44,000, four weed whackers valued at $276,000, and nine shovels amounting to approximately $11,700. Other items taken included three pitchforks valued at $35,000, two steel cutters which cost about $14,500, along with two sledgehammers valued at $11,800, and 120 bags of cement valued at $134,520.

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