Sister’s murder plan shocks judge

March 03, 2021
Nadeen Geddes (right) being led by police at the courthouse.
Nadeen Geddes (right) being led by police at the courthouse.

Justice Martin Gayle said he took the guilty plea of Nadeen Geddes into account when he sentenced her to 20 years for the murder of her sister Tamara.

Tamara was shot and killed in her room at Reserve District in Trelawny last June. Her daughter witnessed the killing.

In the the Trelawny Circuit Court yesterday, Geddes, who had pleaded guilty on February 8 to murder, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder. For that she was sentenced to five years at hard labour. The sentences are to run concurrently and she is to serve 15 years before being eligible for parole. Gayle referred to the social report before making the sentence.

"The social report is not good. Most of it is adverse," he said. "The incident happened before a child. The only positive thing is that you pleaded guilty. I have decided to remove four years and four months because of time spent." Geddes was represented by attorney C.J. Mitchell, who asked the judge to look at circumstances surrounding the case.


"The truth is that she conspired with others to kill her own sister. This was after frequent turbulence between the sisters. It should not have happened. Your Honour, looking at her, she does not appear to be capable of such an act. She pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, and, as such, I would recommend a reduction of the custodial sentence," he said.

Earlier in the same court, Geddes' two daughters, Shanice Ruddock and another who is a minor, who had pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony, were given suspended sentences for three years. Ruddock is to reside with her father in Clarks Town, while the minor is to reside with her father in Sherwood Content.

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