Sister, nieces plead guilty in Tamara Geddes murder case

February 09, 2021
Tamara Geddes

Three members of one family yesterday acknowledged their roles in the murder of one of their relatives, Tamara Geddes, by pleading guilty to the charge of conspiracy to murder in the Trelawny Circuit Court.

Geddes, 36, of Reserve in Trelawny, was murdered at her home on June 19, 2020. Three of her close relatives, Nadeen Geddes, 39, Tamara’s sister; and her two daughters, Shanice Ruddock, 22, and Janae Smith, 16, were among seven persons charged in relation to the murder.

Nadeen pleaded guilty before Justice Martin Gayle to charges of murder and conspiracy to murder, while Ruddock and Janae pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder and misprision of felony. Misprision of felony is a crime that occurs when someone knows a felony has been committed, but fails to inform the authorities about it.

Police reported that Tamara was in her house around 8:30 p.m. when a lone gunman entered the house. He demanded money and then shot her several times in the presence of her daughter.

Remanded in custody

Ruddock, who was represented by attorney-at-law Ernie Smith, was released on $100,000 bail. Nadeen and Janae have been remanded in custody.

“It was clear from the evidence that she knew that her mother had done something wrong but did not tell the police. When she returns to court on February 22, I will make an application for an appropriate sentence,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, Rexon Knott, a 24-year-old welder of Norwood, St James, was found not guilty of murder in the case as the prosecution offered no evidence against him. He was elated to get back his freedom.

“I know from Earth to heaven I was not guilty. When I was standing in the box I cannot describe how nervous I was. How the urine did not come running down my pants is hard to explain. I need a strong drink and a good smoke. I can laugh now but inside of that box is no laughing matter,” he told THE STAR.

Three other persons who were charged in the matter were in court yesterday but were not asked to plea to the charges of murder and conspiracy to murder. They are 33-year-old Tashana Young; Owen Irving, 55, both of Hampton district, Salt Spring in St James; and 24-year-old Brian Shelly. They are booked to return on February 22 at which time Nadeen and her two daughters would be sentenced.

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