‘The Healer’ - Maroon woman says she got gift from God

October 16, 2020

By just touching your body, Emmelyn Roberts, an 85-year old Maroon, claims she can detect any ailment with which you have been afflicted and use her divine powers to bring about healing.

Roberts, who is hailed as 'The Healer' in her village of Moore Town in Portland, said that she has been enhancing people's quality of life since her teenage years, through what she believes is her ordained gift from God.

"Not even myself can explain to tell you about this gift. I get it from Almighty God himself," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Back then, when it was laid upon me, and I realise how powerful it was, I was even afraid of myself."

The healing, which is done from her home, involves the use of consecrated olive oil and the Bible.

"If a person is sick anywhere on their body, I use prayer and olive oil, nothing more. I can just touch them and realise where the pain is because my hand vibrate same time. I just dip my hand with some olive oil and massage the area, then whatever is bothering them will disappear immediately, in the name of Jesus," the Maroon woman said.

No voodoo business

The Healer was forceful in pointing out that her work is "no voodoo business", insisting "I don't mix myself in that kind of stuff". Roberts said that her healing is not reserved for members of the Maroon community, as she is committed to helping persons who are in need of healing.

"Whatever the Lord speaks to me I have to do it, but persons have to come to me, because I can't stay here and know that someone is out there suffering. Persons from all foreign country come to me. I don't limit the work of God," she informed THE WEEKEND STAR. "I don't charge people, because this is my duty; but when people see what I do, when I'm finished and they feel much better, some will give me an envelope."

So who heals The Healer? Roberts responded to that question with a swift, "I pray for myself, and sometimes I go to the doctor, too."

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