School remembers model student

April 02, 2019
Students and teachers of Hague Primary and Infant School gather at the altar for prayer at the thanksgiving service for Treisha Campbell.
Treisha Campbell

Students and teachers turned out in their numbers at the Praise Temple Church in Falmouth last Saturday to remember Treisha Campbell.

Campbell, a grade six student at Hague Primary and Infant School, was born on April 21, 2007, and died on January 21, 2019.

In his sermon, Pastor Ezekiel Clarke called on parents to take their children to Jesus.

“It will cut down on teenage pregnancy, their grades will go up, and we will have a better society. Parents, instead of gyrating with them, take them to Jesus,” he said.

Principal Dameian Elvin, while paying tribute to Treisha, said: “She was always punctual. Here was a student who would take my keys, open up, turn on the kettle, and before you knew it, my cup of tea was ready. Treisha respected rules and authority. A happy and well-loved child. She was ambitious and had a great future.”

Sharon Patterson, Treisha’s grade teacher, in between tears, spoke highly of the child she taught for a little under a year.

“Treisha cried when provoked, but never sought sympathy. I can say she loved the broom. The classroom was always swept and kept clean. If it was not so, Treisha was not at school,” Patterson said.

Treisha was buried in the Falmouth Cemetery.

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