Blvk H3ro determined to help others succeed

September 08, 2023
Blvk H3ro
Blvk H3ro

Rastafarian singer and songwriter Blvk H3ro wears a superhero cape.

The Grammy-nominated artiste admires Bounty Killer for helping so many artistes to make that quantum leap from up-and-coming to stardom and he can totally relate to Beenie Man's always-on-the-job work ethic.

His mission statement is: "To be a great artiste is good, but to be able to see the talent in others and help them to become even greater than you is better".

"I always say that I'm like an executive producer-turned artiste. I have that ear and that eye. Lila Ike, Runkus, and Tesselated are examples. I can spot talent and I know who will be the next big thing," explained Blvk H3ro, who released his new album, On a Mission, last month.

He shared that on his musical journey, he didn't get the help that he needed and oftentimes felt like an outcast and even a little depressed.

"But instead of taking those feelings and being evil, I want to convert that into good energy and help pull up other artistes from the culture... not just the ones who have the hype," he said.

While setting his sights on being an artiste and repertoire rep, Blvk H3ro remains focused on the current journey, which sees him travelling the globe, and scooping up armloads of fans along the way. Blvk H3ro, who went viral when he smoked a spliff with Sir Paul McCartney at Stella McCartney's Grammy party earlier this year, shared that he has always been confused by those artistes whose egos get bigger as their stars are in the ascendancy.

"I have fans? Me? Really? I am responding to every message. I am posing for pictures. When there is 25 ft of snow and your fans standing in the blizzard what yuh do? Go out there and perform," said the singer who has opened for Stephen Marley, UB40, Steel Pulse, Burning Spear and Collie Budz.

With regard to On a Mission, he noted that he has been on the road so much that this is the perfect time to put it out.

"It is 90 per cent headed by Jamaicans ... and that is deliberate. Dem seh yuh haffi dance a yaad before yuh dance abroad and so I continue to dance with my same yard people," he said.

As the first reggae artiste to receive a Grammy nomination in the Best Global Music Performance category, Blvk H3ro said, "It was the first time I get such an overwhelming response from my own country. Even the prime minister sent me a message of congratulations."

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