Producer drops new album from Nigerian singer

June 02, 2023
Fitzroy Francis
Fitzroy Francis

Music producer Fitzroy Francis is elated with his newly released album, Songs of Euphony by Nigerian recording artiste Freddy Green.

The project was produced under Francis' Mightyful13 Records alongside Vpal Music, and was released on May 19. The album has 12 vocal tracks and one instrumental, which explores topics such as international affairs, spirituality, and love for the human community.

"The album is an Afrocentric reggae/Afrobeat album combining the lyrics and musicianship of Jamaica, Nigeria, and Costa Rica," Francis explained.

Two artistes are featured on the album, Roger Ruiz from Costa Rica, on Rise Up, and Aladin from Nigeria, who is featured on the tracks It Will Alwa ys Be You and Living Below The Bread Line. Due to several contributing factors, the album was completed over the course of four years.

"I hope that this album can inspire millions of people who are aligned with values and appreciate positive music," the producer said.

The lead single, Top Of The Pop, was pre-released in April. Plans are being put in place for further promotions of this album, as well as other material which are already in the works.

"At the moment, we are thinking about releasing another single from the album, writing lyrics, and creating some new rhythms for upcoming projects," the producer elaborated.

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