Mystery deejay bursts female artiste’s face with mic

April 24, 2023

Diiverse, the up-and-coming female artiste who was hit with a microphone at a show in Toronto, Canada, said she will not allow the sordid incident to discourage her from performing on stage shows.

"I'm prepared to go back on any stage, this doesn't change my love for performing," she told THE STAR yesterday.

A video circulating on social media shows Diiverse, a Canadian, being hit with a microphone which was flung at her by a male deejay. The incident appeared to have been triggered after Diiverse, while on the stage, pushed the male artiste who was bulldozing his way past her, and in doing so, shoved her out of his path. Jolted by the push from the fairer sex, the male athlete, who nearly lost his balance, spun around and flung the mic at her. It not only connected but missile caused a wound that bled.

"I didn't even realise I got hit until I saw blood falling from my face and went to seek medical attention," Diiverse told THE STAR.

Recalling the moment leading up to the throwing of the mic, Diiverse said she "felt the person ring the microphone out of my hand. I was like, 'Are you really going to take the mic from a woman and him start say him 'nah take no styling'."

"But it ended up being a double diss. After he walked away he came back in my direction and shoved me. That's when I push him," Diiverse added.

The identity of the mic thrower has not been ascertained. Following the incident, wagging tongues that a high-flying Jamaican deejay was the culprit. However, this was quickly denied by the entertainer's camp, the concert organisers and the victim.

Michael Collins, CEO of BYB Entertainment Group, said "The incident has nothing to do" with the entertainer who has been widely accused.

Similarly, Diiverse said she has no idea who hit her.

"Neither of us know who that deejay is. The only thing I know is that he has good aim," she told THE STAR.

The up-and-coming entertainer is currently nursing a black eye and bruises to her face. The incident robbed her of an opportunity to perform a not new single with Jamaica's Kayydyan, formerly Double K, who brought her on stage. The ladies were set to perform One Phone Call, when the altercation occurred.

To add insult to injury, Diiverse was looking forward to meeting the Dunce Cheque hitmaker who was the main act on the show dubbed 'Live in Toronto Canada with Valiant'. However, she said that she was robbed of the opportunity.

"I'm over here upset that I never even got to meet Valiant because of the incident, and that Kayydyan and I never got to do what we planned. I think Valiant makes great music and appears very humble," said Diiverse.

Kayydyan, too, is disappointed by the turn of events.

"I was extremely upset because we did a get bare forward before all that happen," she said.

Meanwhile, the promoters, through Collins, described the aggressor as a "riff raff". He said that the conduct was unprofessional.

"We do not condone any act of violence on any level, and our promotions group takes the safety and well-being of our performers and patrons very seriously. We deeply apologise to our patrons and will work tirelessly to ensure that incidents of this nature are not repeated at future events," Collins told THE STAR.

As far as her injuries go, Diiverse said that they are not detrimental but notes that she will require follow-up treatment. Collins said that his team as been in touch with her and she is OK. However, as it relates to the mic thrower, Collins said that when they "tried to reach the other party involved, we were unsuccessful".

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