Blacka Di Danca publishes first e-book

April 06, 2023
Blacka Di Danca
Blacka Di Danca

New York-based dancer Blacka Di Danca shares it all as he debuts as an author with the e-book A How-To Guide on Turning Dance into a Career.

It provides information on the entertainment industry and dance sector as well as step-by-step instructions on how to create a brand and garner success. It targets, in particular, "young dancers under the age of 25 seeking to create more opportunities for themselves from their own passion for dance".

He told THE WEEKEND STAR, "My overall goal for the publication is to help dancers develop successful careers. I was inspired to write the book after observing the current spike in industry trends for dance and the influx of new opportunities and pathways for dancers though lacking in resources. Dancers need more resources."

Blacka Di Danca said that this is the first of a series of books.

"I've always loved writing, and with experience, I will only grow as an author, as I have as a dancer. I'd like to start exploring writing children's books and eventually finding the time to start writing my memoir. So the focus is not just dance-themed," Blacka Di Danca continued.

He also said that he chose to write and publish an online book rather than create a vlog or TikTok, though many practitioners are inclined to use those platforms for younger audiences. But he believes written content still creates greater impact. He said that not many books, digital or hard copy, are available that speak to a wide cross-section of dance forms, and he urged fellow veterans to follow suit.

"I relied on my own knowledge and experience to write this book. Also the aim was not to be the single source of reference, but rather to play my role as a dance veteran by making access to information accessible. Comprised of easy-to-follow personal tips I've used in my 20-year dance career with successful results for my brand, along with the brands I've coached, along with the personal conversations and those stories of persons who I've shared similar pain points with, who have inspired me to publish my advice, it makes it an in-depth guidebook," he said.

Blacka Di Danca, who has travelled to more than 40 countries and 100 cities for dance, included personal experiences and stories of other dancers with hopes that readers, whether new or established talent, can relate rather than criticise the content.

"To the naysayers, critics, and dance veterans who may not agree with me, if you are knowledgeable enough to criticise my guidebook, you are knowledgeable enough to publish your own literature from your experiences and let the dance community win with access to added resources, which should matter most. I have many stories, photos, and experiences and I look forward to sharing them in the future," Blacka Di Danca shared.

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