Sizzla reveals love for westerns

March 24, 2023

Reggae-dancehall veteran Sizzla has revealed his love of old western movies and says he uses them as a source of information on the history of the Americas.

"I don't need to be in the US to learn about the country's history; since I was a child, I've always enjoying watching westerns, [so] I've acquired a lot of knowledge through them. Though somewhat fictional, the westerns have been thought to give the real history of their land, with the cowboys, the Indians and how the American government went on to take the land," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Many westerns have showed or interpreted what New York looked like before now, in the early 19th century ... these shows are central to how Americans see themselves and how the world sees America. There's a lot of reasons I watch westerns," Sizzla continued.

In his downtime, the Take Myself Away artiste-songwriter likes to find an old western television show or action movie like 3:10 to Yuma, or " Tombstone, which depict several outlaws and lawmen". But he also revealed that the classic films influenced his style, and is what got him into the habit of wearing a bandana around his neck.

"In the westerns, we see several characters with a bandana around their head, using it as a mask, or around their necks, too. I guess I've always worn the bandana as sort of a dust mask or little rag, and it became part of the style," Sizzla shared. "From western action films to karate movies, those are my enjoyment. I study them until I started to even see Rasta presented in them. The red, green and gold culture has been in both kinds of films and is definitely a big influence."

Known as a peacemaker in August Town, Sizzla has been a big influence himself, noting that while he finds entertainment in westerns, which often include a gunfight scene or two, he does not encourage violence. He has been busy over the past year dealing with the affairs of the Sizzla Youth Foundation and building out the Judgement Yard compound, where he hopes to host more cultural events.

"I'm cleaning up the foundation. The premises are being altered to include a lounge with the kitchen, bar and the necessary bathroom facilities. Based on the violence, the work had slowed down the project a little," he said.

"It feels good to be building something like this and to know it will benefit the people. My company, Kalonji Music Production, is my nation and my government; and the foundation is also doing the best to assist the youths. Right now, I'm just seeking the funds to continue to support the football programme. They train and teach on a Saturday and Sunday, in the community, and we continue to record and release quality music," Sizzla continued.

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