Marcia Griffiths yet to get back a cent from fraudster

November 17, 2022
Marcia Griffiths
Marcia Griffiths

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque has indicated that Ray Morgan, who pleaded guilty to swindling reggae icon Marcia Griffiths of US$30,000 (approximately J$4.5 million), will face the full brunt of the law on his next court appearance, as to date he has not repaid a cent.

"Money or no money, I am going to sentence you on the next occasion and I did tell you, if there is no money, it will be the maximum term of imprisonment. This court has been very forbearing," the senior judge stressed. Under the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions) (Special Provision) Act, 2013, Morgan faces imprisonment of up to 20 years if convicted in the Circuit Court.

When he was last before the court on October 25, Morgan indicated that he was liquidating his assets, as he had no monies in the bank. The particular asset is said to be a motor vehicle; however, the model and year are not known. The police were tasked by the judge to thoroughly investigate Morgan's assets. But when the matter returned to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday, the ex-convict was visibly shocked by the police's report.

"He gave us two numbers and I called one of the numbers, a female named [redacted] answered. She told me that the owner for the vehicle doesn't want the police to look at it and they don't want Mr Morgan to know where she is," the police officer shared.

"She said the vehicle was not in Mr Morgan's name," he continued.

"I am appalled hearing this," Morgan said, insisting that the matter can be verified at the Tax Office as he insured the vehicle.

"Your Honour, there is no time to be playing around because this is a serious matter. It can simply be verified, this is not something that is going to leave us all in awe, wondering where or what. My son, he is coming to give me $5,000, I am trying assiduously to see how I can address this," Morgan said. However, he did not disclose the currency of the $5,000 or when his son was expected to arrive.

Attorney-at-law Marcus Moore, who was holding on behalf of Tom Tavares-Finson KC, who represents the complainant, told the senior judge that he was amused by Morgan's utterances.

"As my grandmother always say, 'Know when someone is taking you for a fool' and we are beginning to feel as if Mr Morgan is taking us for a fool. We would like to know when we can receive all of the money in US currency or Jamaican, in any amount," Moore told the judge.

The police were tasked to verify the ownership of the motor vehicle Morgan claimed ownership of. He was remanded in custody until January 19, 2023.

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