Shane E shocked to be named as person of interest

July 29, 2022
Shane E
Shane E

Dancehall artiste Shane E said he was upset and shocked that he has been listed by the St Andrew South police as a person of interest in a number of gang-related activities that have taken place in Waterhouse recently.

The police have asked for the entertainer, given name Theophilus Edwards, and another man, Stephen Sterling, otherwise called 'Tractor', to turn themselves in by noon on Friday.

"Person of interest? No bro, memba that similar to wanted man, enuh, bro ... when dem list yuh as person of interest as an entertainer how yuh think promoters weh book fi dem events feel now fi know say dem put mi pon dem event and police can come lock off dem party now because Shane E a do dis and Shane E inna gang war? The Jamaica Constabulary Force need fi go push out dem investigation and find out wah gwaan and stop bring dung things on entertainer inna Jamaica. A no entertainer response fi crime!" he told THE WEEKEND STAR on Thursday.

The disgruntled recording artiste said that he was not involved in a gang and is only focusing on music and the well-being of his children.

"Mi no know nothing about this or whatever a stir up inna Waterhouse. First thing and foremost, mi have 10 kids fi look after, mi no have time fi dis! Mi just lose mi permit fi go a Canada and a try fi appeal fi get back mi permit right now. Mi cyah tek a distraction like this weh a come pon my name right now. A real pressure this to me right now. Mi frighten this morning when mi wake up and read say me is a person of interest fi police," he said.

"Mi don't even live inna Waterhouse bredda and mi see mi involved inna things bredda. A bright and early a mawnin mi a go in fi dem tell me wah gwan. Mi done talk to mi lawyer already, him say mi fi link up and wi a go there. Yea, mi go a Waterhouse back and forth but at the end of the day mi have family and friends weh live a Waterhouse," he said.

His attorney, Christopher Townsend, confirmed that a meeting was set with his client.

"An appointment is made for him to be debriefed and possibly for him to hand in himself to the police," Townsend said.

The St Andrew South Police Division in which the community falls has seen a 29 per cent reduction in murders this year compared to 2021. Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, who is the commanding officer, said that his men will not become complacent.

"From the start of the year we have been operating off a plan. So we do have a blueprint and that would have contributed to the current reduction that we are seeing. But we are quite cognisant that this is St Andrew South. It has been known over the years to be one of the most violent places in Jamaica and any given day can erode the gains we have had since the start of the year," he said.

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