D’Angel to be awarded by city of Atlanta

May 27, 2022

'Grateful' and 'excited' are how D'Angel is feeling ahead of a busy and award-bestowing weekend.

The So Blessed singjay will be honoured with a proclamation by the city of Atlanta for her contribution to reggae and dancehall music tomorrow at the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival.

"I'm the first ever Jamaican female artiste to be recognised in this category and it's the state of Georgia which includes the governor and the president of Atlanta Carnival," D'Angel told THE WEEKEND STAR. "They all had a say in this so it wasn't an overnight thing. Everything was thought through and your music had to be impactful. It's a really good feeling and I'm very excited to be honoured for my work for over 15 years of solid music and to be recognised by the city of Atlanta is a big thing. It's a big moment for me."

The moment will also see D'Angel's debut performance at the event. She shared that she was previously advised that the city wanted to honour her.

"The honour was actually put down and waiting for me. Before the pandemic, I went to Atlanta Carnival but unfortunately it came to an abrupt end. Then it was put off for a little while and now they're back in full effect and I was really taken aback when the organisation called me and said they're going to officially present the award to me this time and I'm like 'Wow'. It just shows that I'm working and I'm being recognised and my hard work is not going unnoticed."

Before she puts on her "pretty frock" and receives the award, D'Angel will be participating in the road march, her first ever, styled by celebrity costume designer Chandy Lewis. Her performance later that day will also see some firsts.

"It's a carnival so I'm kinda changing up my set. I'm doing a dancehall and carnival kind of vibe. I'm bringing D'Angel to the stage and I'm looking forward to giving my 1,000 per cent and it being a great performance. It's all about this weekend, all about Atlanta and the lady with the 'quadruple threat' as they referred to me as an actress, model, philanthropist and entertainer. Atlanta get ready," she said.

Other acts to be honoured include soca star Skinny Fabulous, community activist and star of Bravo TV's In A Man's World Le'Dor Milteer and Mychal Pickens of the Schneider National Foundation Inc. D'Angel stands as the sole Jamaican on the line-up which includes Nadia Batson and Problem Child.

She is also booked for Celebrity Soccer Match Landing Party this weekend alongside acts like Delly Ranx, Macka Diamond and Wickerman. She'll be taking to the field in her jersey to play football too.

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