Razor B requests mandatory ‘gyal segments’ in parties

May 20, 2022
Razor B
Razor B

Dancehall artiste Razor B is defending the females with a call for mandatory segments for them to enjoy themselves in the dancehall space.

"The females are crying out and as the gyal dem deejay, I have to come out and make the request formally. Promoters and selectors, the girls dem tired fi shoot!" Razor B explained.

While he is enjoying the current dance moves and dance songs dominating the space, he believes that they are more for the men, as women need more sexy songs to which they can gyrate.

"I see females begging selectors to play particular songs at events because all they are playing is 'choppa' songs or money pull-up songs. We like to see the girls going wild and that's why we sing songs for them," Razor B added.

He also wants artistes to start recording more dance songs for the women, and called on the female dancers to start creating more dance moves as well.

"I've done it in the past and I'm willing to do it again. Any female dancer with a bad dance move, tag me on social media and once me think it bad too, I will put it in a song for sure and put you in the video too!" Razor B said.

The artiste, who had his breakout in music in 2015 with female inspired songs like Bruk Back, Hot Up and Up In Deh, still believes the female segment is very important to the dancehall space. He opined that the acrobatic, 'couple up ' dancing, while fun to watch, is dangerous and doesn't give the female dancers the right opportunity to shine as they deserve.

Razor B has also released a new 'gyal song' titled IN, produced by Picante Music. The song has been getting good reviews in the dancehall space since its release last month. He will be releasing additional tracks leading up to the launch of his album, titled Something For Everyone, this summer.

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