No competition – Footloose and Strictly 2K promoters - Both music shows set for May 28

May 17, 2022
Patrons enjoying the music at a staging of Footloose.
Patrons enjoying the music at a staging of Footloose.
ZJ Chrome
ZJ Chrome

Every promoter in Jamaica has been eyeing the calendar to pick the best date for their event, having been missing out the prime party seasons for the past two years.

Some promoters will end up competing for dates while others are certain that their events are a cut above the rest and have different target audiences.

Two major events slated to happen on May 28 are Footloose and Strictly 2K, both of which are known for throwback themes and featuring great entertainment.

"I didn't know anything else was being held on the same date," Tyrone Dixon of Footloose told THE STAR. "We were just focused on the return as the entertainment sector reopened and we always host an edition on the last Saturday in May." Footloose will host its 'Short Shorts Edition', but instead of its usual Mas Camp, promoters have booked Sabina Park. Meanwhile, Strictly 2K has secured the Mas Camp venue.

"For the first staging since the pandemic, we are just looking to give great vibes for the ladies, who are two for one before midnight, and the men who are coming to have a good time with good looking women. Normally the later staging features live performances, but we promise great entertainment from the best of the best with our selectors in a bigger, better venue," Dixon said of the popular 16-year-old party.

ZJ Chrome is confident that the return of Strictly 2K will be a success, despite sharing the date with another staple event. Speaking on behalf of his teammates, the disc jockey, producer and promoter said that the return of the throwback party will be "powerful" as loyal patrons continue to show their support in their feedback in the streets and on social media.

"Patrons have been eagerly awaiting the return of the best 2000s, throwback-themed party. We've been receiving numerous requests for this and to make the return epic we've added the Energy Gad Elephant Man himself," ZJ Chrome told THE STAR.

Strictly 2K, which had its first staging in December 2016, is 10 years younger than Footloose but, according to ZJ Chrome, "being the first all-2000s party of this calibre, we've stamped our name as the young people throwback event." The party has highlighted several legends of the era including Twin of Twins, Black Chiney and Tony Matterhorn.

ZJ Chrome said that there's no competition among the promoters and having just returned from hosting a US tour for the event, the promoters are ready to show how Strictly 2K has evolved.

"It really opened our eyes to show us that what we were keeping was no longer a party but now a festival, the Strictly2K throwback music festival. On stage Elephant Man is the epitome of everything that is 'strictly 2K', high energy, fun and pure niceness. So we've raised the bar and we've got some surprises too," ZJ Chrome said.

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