Krysie guarding her heart - Singer stresses need for honesty in relationships

April 28, 2022
 Krysie says that whenever she is in love, she loves with all her heart.
Krysie says that whenever she is in love, she loves with all her heart.

Singer-songwriter Krysie thinks there is a "time span" on the love that someone has to offer in a relationship

"It [love] doesn't last for eternity, or there is no eternal love as we've been made to think," she said in a recent interview with THE STAR. As a single woman, the Spoil Me Good artiste said her heart is very guarded, causing persons to question whether she is single by choice.

"Honestly, I'm protecting my love, saving it, to say the least, and guarding my heart because when I love, I love deep. I have experienced persons I have love [who have] hurt me to the maximum level, and bring me down to my lowest point," Krysie said.

"It's good motivation seeing those old couples going for 30 years and longer, but that's their generation. It is rare among my age group. People are quick to jump up and leave; no one wants to stick it out for the learning process."

Krysie stressed that a little honesty can go a long way and prevent the unwanted conflict between men and women that is being seen in society.

"Any man that I talk to, the first thing they will learn about me is that I brace myself for whatever in a relationship. People need to learn to be more honest, man and woman. Be blatantly open, and don't go in for one reason," she said. The artiste was recently featured on the 'Reggae Genesis' rhythm, which is a Digital One Production. Krysie was the only female among male acts like Pressure, Anthony B and Richie Spice. In her track, titled Change, she shared her woes about love.

"I was going through a phase when I wrote and recorded the song, but wanted persons to know how to deal with a woman like me. If I could teach persons how to handle themselves in a relationship, I would. I want people to learn to be more honest in their relationship, and stop looking for security but at who they are with, and what and how they can do more to show genuine love to the person," she said.

"It has been my aim to include one or two reggae songs in my catalogue, and I'm happy I could give part of myself in the track. My debut EP will also allow me to express the different sides of me. A lot of persons know me for singing the sexy lyrics, but there is much left to learn about me, my talent, and my heart," Krysie added.

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