Kaseeno sexposed! - Artiste not ashamed after oral sex video goes viral

April 14, 2022

It appears that when Kaseeno, in his single Freak, sang that " If a gal a nuh freak, she caah come inna me house", he may have been telegraphing his proclivity for engaging in oral sex.

The 51-year-old Baby Come Over singer has sent tongues wagging since a video of him performing oral sex on his lady love was uploaded online.

Kaseeno, who said that the video was posted in error, said that his focus at this point is "just not to care what people think" but to help his girlfriend weather the storm in which they have found themselves.

"When you in a bad situation, you have to turn it into a good one. I don't know how to do that just yet, but I always a think creatively. This wasn't intentional or for any means of getting attention. Me and my woman sometimes use Snap or some app to record, but we should have used the camera. That's how it get out."

Despite heavy backlash from the dancehall fan base, which has traditionally decried oral sex, the artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR that his regret is that he was not more careful.

"A lot of people criticising - who a seh this and that - [but some] are doing worse. Maybe [I was] just not smart ... Globally, people perform oral sex and it's their business - the world move on."

Kaseeno emerged on the dancehall scene in 2021 with his single Baby Come Over, which started to trend on social media this year. He has since released Blow You Away as well as the raunchy singles such as Freak and Touch You.

The dancehall artiste reasoned that the days of the vagina being viewed as the forbidden fruit belong in the past. He argued that oral sex is acceptable in other parts of the world, and that here in Jamaica many persons are engaged in the practice but are unwilling to admit it publicly.

"Is only Jamaicans and the ignorant people hold on to the foolishness. A lot of the same men, Jamaican artistes and selectors, letting the ladies perform oral sex on them or deejay about it, and them not innocent because them involved. Is a macho thing for men yah (so) they won't say them do it publicly, or think to even write a song about it," Kaseeno said.

The entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is more concerned about his partner who is embarrassed that the video entered the public space.

"I'm not ashamed but the sad part is that is my girl birthday. She didn't want to go out Tuesday night or yesterday because of it. I'm counselling her. Tru me used to the attention, me a tell her seh she nuh need fi worry about it, it will do nuh damage because publicity a publicity. We can't take it back, it happen already," he said.

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