Twin Cupid wants dancehall to fall in love with them

December 01, 2021
Twin Cupid in performance at Boom Box Fridays.
Twin Cupid in performance at Boom Box Fridays.

Identical twins Karif and Kadif Bailey share more than just a birthday. They share a love for music that is coupled with a dream to become the talk of dancehall, performing as Twin Cupid.

Inspired by dancehall deejay QQ from childhood, the twins, who celebrated their 30th birthday on November 21, said they were determined to turn their passion into a profession.

"QQ was doing an interview once, talking about having a passion and education. At the time, we were in high school. We both knew music was what we wanted to do, but mommy requested that we finish up school," Kadif told THE STAR.

After leaving Central High School in May Pen, Clarendon, where they were born and raised, they went on to earn their bachelor's of science degrees at the University of Technology, Jamaica; Kadif in sport management and Karif in dental hygiene.

"I think mommy is happy we put our books first, and that we are still aiming for what we are passionate about. We have never actually met QQ, but we still say he was part of the inspiration for us pursuing our dream, and we continued to fool around at studios while studying. Hopefully, we will get to do a collab with him some day," Kadif said.

Currently based in the US state of Maryland, the twins run a trucking business, but find every opportunity to return home to promote their brand, said Karif. He is actually the talker of the two.

He said, "Our job is time-consuming. We do a lot of driving, but whenever a song idea pops in our head, we get on the phone and share it with each other. We have to keep each other's company while on the road."

"We are here now because mommy requested that we come to Jamaica to celebrate our birthday, and we thought it was a good opportunity to do some promotion and make a couple of connections. It is our first time since the pandemic being back home," Karif continued.

Twin Cupid performed their singles African Beauty and One More Time at the special edition of the live stream series Boom Box Fridays, held at Judgement Yard in August Town last Friday. They are currently managed by Kemoy Lawrence of Cutline Media, a local artiste promotions group.

"We choose to follow the dancehall because we are people persons, and dancehall is people music. Outside of music, we are vibrant and in-your-face. Our songs may not have much heat as yet, but we're getting good enough response to want to continue doing it," Karif said. "In our lyrics is a stream of positive messages which we feel we need to get out there to show youths that violence is not the answer, and lots of music that even our grandmother can rock to. People can move to them and will love what we bringing."

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