Sekklez exercises ‘Social Distance’

December 01, 2021

For dancehall artiste Sekklez, the term 'social distance' means more than a preventative measure to steer clear of the COVID-19 virus.

It's the title of her upcoming track which uses concepts associated with the pandemic to describe her experiences with disingenuous people, or as she puts it, people who are just as bad as the virus.

"My grandmother always say you really know a person not in the good times, but in the bad times, so in the pandemic I got to know friends and family who really value or care about me and that's how Social Distance came about," Sekklez told THE STAR.

Produced by Gallaway Records, the single is slated for release on Friday and has already received positive feedback following a preview she posted on her social media.

"People are excited," she said. "Just this morning (Tuesday) I got a message from somebody saying they can't wait to hear the entire song, plus some other comments on my Instagram ... I just put up a little piece of it and you have people saying it is the realest song they've heard in 2021 because they themselves are social distancing from people so I see this song going places."

Sekklez will also be having an event in Waterford, St Catherine, on Friday through a partnership with Gaza Entertainment. The entity hosts a talent showcase dubbed 'Superstar Fridays' which will see Sekklez taking over on Friday to highlight artistes like Fully Bad, Sasique, Jawdan, Lavisch, Gaza Tussan and Rod Pinnock.

"This is my way of highlighting the event because a lot of people hear 'The Gaza' and have a fear or will wonder if it's safe. So I'm just showing them that it's safe and you can come and showcase your talent," she said.

Though she is also on the rise, she has no hesitation about using the platform to showcase the talent of her peers.

"As an up-and-coming and young artiste, I've been through it where I'd like to showcase my talent anywhere and I think it's good for me to do that and showcase other young artistes like my friends... I'm not afraid to use my platform to do that either because I'm that confident in myself and I'm confident in these young artistes and big artistes that I've invited," she said.

Sekklez is working on new projects for 2022 and landing shows overseas. Beyond music, she has been getting her name out there through acting, playing a female gangster on Xpressionz JA's The Bartender series.

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