David Harmony embraces musical calling

November 04, 2021
David Harmony
David Harmony
David Harmony
David Harmony
David Harmony
David Harmony

David Harmony was always content with not pursuing a music career though he knew he could sing. But a few people, including his daughter, would not allow him to do that.

"My daughter asked me, 'Daddy, you really a go mek all of your life pass and you don't do an album?'," Harmony told THE STAR. And so at 52, the singer is pursuing a music career with an upcoming EP and singles in the works.

Crazy World and Give Me Your Love are two singles which will be released later this month on the Cashflow Records label.

"Mi have great expectations for those songs cause the lyrical content and vocal control are very good," he said. "Mi know seh the Grammy Awards a February a come so mi tek mi mind off it dah year yah but next year mi know dem a go be in selection, especially Crazy World."

As for the EP, six tracks are currently being mixed and mastered for release by early 2022 through Vision House Records. Harmony is looking to build a catalogue of clean music based on "the direction weh di youths dem a tek with this whole heap a gun lyrics and derogatory thing against women".


The artiste, whose given name is David Murray, describes himself as "a natural born singer". In his earlier years, he would sing at weddings and on choirs, but other activities were more appealing.

"Mi used to play soccer and cricket so mi did have music as a girl thing so mi never did a tek it serious," he shared. "Mi did conscious of everything but it was like a man who have him talent and a try fi bury it or run away from it. Sometimes life nuh turn out to your expectations and sometimes we do some things, not necessarily bad things, that take us somewhere else in life. The Almighty seh, 'David, yuh haffi go improvise and incorporate dah thing yah cause you need fi get away from this'."

Thanks to persistent artistes and producers who wanted to work with him, he started doing the studio circuit in 2010 and had early studio recordings like Mystery Girl (with Amani Paris), Waiting for You and Nowadays Girl.

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