Artistes commend Vybz Kartel on investments

September 27, 2021
Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel
Renee Sixthirty
Renee Sixthirty

"Acres over Mark X," is the new school of thought deejayed by Yaksta and practised by many of his peers. Incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel is the latest to be commended for his wise financial investments which he shared to his Instagram followers last Friday.

"Just buy a bigger house fi me parents pon di hill since month, transfer two properties inna me son's name fi him 18th birthday & buy him 8.9 acres a land fi celebrate the birth of him son this month as well," he wrote.

Several artistes found the post motivational for youth, including Savage, who recently revealed his own real estate ventures.

"Most youths nowadays weh a mek money nuh really know what to do with it and if you're making money and you don't make the right investments, you'll end up back broke and at square one," Savage told THE STAR.

"I think it's pretty motivational fi see the artiste weh everybody look up to doing that. People like to follow whether you do good or bad so the more good we can do and highlight, we should. We're not hiding stuff like this because they like to say dancehall artistes promote violence, killing, scamming, all the negative stuff so this is very good for upcoming dancehall artistes and the ones who already inna it to see."

Luxurious lifestyle

Savage said some artistes will learn the hard way because of a desire to treat themselves to a luxurious lifestyle. He said, however, it's never too late for artistes, young and old, to make better financial investments.

For Renee Sixthirty, Kartel's boss moves are inspirational as they signal the importance of generational wealth.

"Create a future fi yuh kids dem, don't mek dem come suffer like how you suffer," she told T HE STAR. "Kartel put in the work and him put him money to good use and now if him kids want anything whether educational, health or vanity wise, dem can get it. Look pon Bob Marley; him have how much pickney but the legacy weh him left, the work weh him put in mek him pickney dem alright. Mi see Kartel come do the same so that is very inspirational and that's what I want to do if I have kids one day."

The dancer-turn-artiste has expanded her horizon by launching an online boutique called 630 Fantasies which entails lingerie and intimate accessories.

"I did my body and a makeover so me saying 630 Fantasies fits me because I'm all about your sexual side and looking good ... Mi set mi thing and mek sure seh mi family dem and pickney weh a go come good."

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