Suspense tackles abuse in new single

October 29, 2020

Recording artiste Suspense has left no stones unturned in her latest project, Escape. The single, which was produced by Mineral Boss Records in conjunction with Dakrome Music, is an ode to women who have been, and are being, abused.

"The feedback has been superb. The topic is a very sensitive one, but as a female entertainer, I felt it was a part of my duty to help create a voice for those who are having a hard time being heard," she said. "A lot of the persons who like the song are not undergoing any abuse of any sort, but they know someone in a situation, so it resonates with them as well. The women are getting stronger and are saying that the song is giving them a start. They want to speak up, they want to be a survivor, they want to escape and find themselves."

Based on the momentum the song built up on social media, Suspense decided to release visuals to complement the track. The video has racked up thousands of online streams so far.

Suspense has, in recent times, begun working closely with Jumpstart Music producer Lee Pryce, who shares that the two have projects in the pipeline.

"Suspense has tremendous potential and I will be working very closely with her in a bid to help her maximise her full potential. Her fans are in for a treat with this new project we are working on," said Pryce.

"I have a lot of new music in the pipeline. Pryce and I have been putting in the work, plus I have videos dropping soon for TuffChin Records and Xkaliba Records that I won't say much about because I want my fans to be blown away," said Suspense.

The artiste is also putting together her EP which is slated to drop in 2021, courtesy of Mineral Boss Records.

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