Imar Shephard basks in the ‘Sunshine’

October 28, 2020
Imar Shephard
Imar Shephard

Reggae artiste Imar Shephard brings high energy in his newest single, Sunshine, which was officially released on October 3, produced by the Iyaah Bless Music label.

"The track is about that warmth that a queen brings to her king, like when you know you're genuinely loved and in love. No matter the trials and tribulations a man may face, when he gets that smile, that word, that touch from his bona fide empress, all is sunshine," the singer said. Since its release, the track has been receiving great feedback.

"With this particular song, I think first and foremost the riddim got me. When I first heard it produced and played live by the Fiyah Nation Band from Belgium, it made me feel good," he added.

For the past 10 years, Imar Shephard has been blazing the music scene with his authentic sounds and meaningful lyrics.

"I would say I don't have a specific style, although reggae is at the foundation of every song I compose. I have an eclectic taste when it comes to listening to music, and I think that flows over into compositions. But my roots will always be led by the kette-and-bass, one-drop roots reggae," he said.

His first studio album was Unleashed, a 13-track compilation. Following Sunshine, the artiste is in the process of preparing new material he's done during the lockdown for labels overseas.

"I'm also collaborating with artistes Iyah Syte and Knatch Rychus under the mantel KRISIS, an anagram of our initials. That project will be managed by 24/7 Music Productions and promises to bring a new dimension to brand Imar and Iyaah Bless Music," he said.

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