Bishop Escobar grateful for life after car accident - Selector to miss shows for a few weeks

March 10, 2020
Selector Bishop Escobar sits in a wheelchair in the hospital awaiting medical attention.
Selector Bishop Escobar sits in a wheelchair in the hospital awaiting medical attention.

Popular DJ Bishop Escobar was involved in a car accident last Sunday on his way into Kingston from an event in Clarendon.

He is currently counting his blessings, having made a narrow escape when his motor vehicle was hit close to a toll booth on a section of Highway 2000.

"I wasn't even driving," the selector told THE STAR. "There was a line of traffic approaching the second toll booth (heading) in the direction of Kingston, so my vehicle was at a complete stop, and me nuh know where this car come from and slam into mine, pushing me into the banking. The impact caused my head to bump into the steering wheel."

Upon getting hit, he said that he exited his vehicle to address the driver and was almost run over by another vehicle.

"The whole thing happened in 10 seconds. To think is not even a week since me get the car. If me never ah pay attention to my surroundings, I don't know where I would be ... trust me is just higher powers, because all I see is ah next pair a headlight and I jump out of its way," he said. "If me back turn, a woulda problem. I am thankful to the youths who rushed me to Andrew's Memorial Hospital so I could get proper medical attention."

Pay attention to the signs

Bishop Escobar said that he could not understand why persons would be speeding to reach to the toll booth.

"Persons need to be more aware and pay attention to the signs on the highway which clearly show the speed limit," he said.

Bishop Escobar is now nursing several minor wounds; he received a total of 17 stitches. He also sustained lacerations to his left foot which will require him to walk with crutches for a couple of weeks.

With the selector in recovery, it has forced him to sit out some of his upcoming bookings, including Magnum Xplosion Club Tour in St Vincent this weekend, as well as a packed roster of parties in Jamaica such as Thank Guinness It's Thursday - Dancehall Cyaan Stall Edition', Pull Up, and Blanco Brunch.

"I shed a few tears in giving thanks and the outpouring of wishes for a speedy recovery has me feeling even more positive," he said of the messages and social media posts from members of the music and entertainment industry.

But he admitted that he still wasn't sure how he is feeling.

"There is the emotional part you cannot control - when me lock me eye and playback everything. I have kept myself busy re-posting what I can because when I lay down not doing anything the accident keeps replaying ... I just want to be better soon especially with the bookings I have. The calendar was full for this month and I really want to make it to Canada next month," he said.

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