Siloah roars for ‘The Original Lion’ - St Elizabeth elder wins STAR Buss competition with catchy lyrics

February 24, 2020
The Original Lion wins the crowd’s approval with his jingle.
Style X in performance.
St Elizabeth native Laden gives his parish family some of his hits.
Community members react to performances at the street jam.
A participant in the ‘bubbling contest’ shows how wiry her waistline is.
Children having a good time.
These women are liking the performances.
MC for the evening, Cornelius, shows off his dance moves.
The Original Lion receives his cheque from Deidre Brown, marketing officer for THE STAR, for topping the STAR Buss jingle competition.
Contestants in the jingle contest ‘buss a freestyle’.

Dennis Hutchinson is on top of the world after his freestyle won the STAR Buss jingle competition at the RJRGLEANER Cross Country Invasion Street Jam in Siloah, St Elizabeth.

The residents were challenged to make up a song using tag-lines, ‘THE STAR – The People Paper’ and ‘FAME 95FM – Always Blazing’ and perform it on the popular Dumpling rhythm for the chance at receiving a $10,000 cash prize.

Six individuals put their on-the-spot songwriting skills to the test but at the end of the battle of lyrical prowess, based on the audience’s vote – Hutchinson took the title.

Interestingly, he came on at last minute introducing himself as Original Cat. He left the stage being proclaimed The Original Lion for making the people roar with and for him.

And it appeared that Hutchinson already had plans for his winnings.

When the elder of Bagdale Mountain in the parish was asked what he would be using the $10,000 for, he answered: “Me a guh fix me mouth, enuh, cause it mash up.”

“A nuh the first me win money fi perform,” Hutchinson said to THE STAR, “Me win money, bout the same $10,000 a Gran’ Market. Me have plans fi fix me mash mouth from dem time deh but me did have to pay what me owe pon a TV me take out inna Santa Cruz.”

The 52-year-old explained that his missing teeth are a result of poor eating practices, but he does not believe it will be a hard fix.

“Whole of dem start rotten from long time because me eat too much sweetie and sugar cane. Me father did plant whole heap a cane and a dat me love, but a dentist in Balaclava say him can fix me teeth … him did tell me it cost $22,000.”

Hutchinson, who like his father is a farmer, said he has not been able to get much income because of the drought and he had it in mind to attend the Cross Country show to see if there were any opportunities to get a little cash.

But songwriting and deejaying do not interest him for a career.

He said, “Me love the farming, a jus’ true nothing a gwaan. Me stay a me yard mostly, don’t perform nowhere, jus’ sit down there and do me ting.”


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